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There is no dearth of institutes around and all of them claim to be the best; then why choose us?

The greatest reason would be our ever-soaring results that speak for us but if you still need more, here are some that set us apart from the rest:


We have the best faculty members who are committed to impart quality training to our candidates and pave their way towards cracking PLAB. Our faculty includes qualified doctors and MDs, who use unorthodox methods of imparting relevant knowledge in easy to grasp ways.


When it comes to acing PLAB, the infrastructure needs to be spot on. We have the most advanced equipment that helps our students practice and familiarise themselves with the current practical guidelines and procedures.


We make sure that every single candidate is being attended to with utmost care. We ensure that all candidates are on the same page by helping individual candidates focus and work on their specific strengths and weaknesses.


Every candidate is mentored and supported even after the course ends. Faculty members are always present to clarify doubts, supervise practice sessions and offer advice as needed till PLAB2 is cleared and even thereafter. A PLAB course is considered the beginning of a life time association with candidates who come onboard Aspire.

No wonder we are regarded as one of the best academies in the entire UK. Whether it is PLAB London, PLAB Manchester or PLAB Birmingham,our name stands tall and is the first to come to mind as far as PLAB training is concerned. We offer comprehensive training that can enpoweryou to crack the exam with confidence.


What is Plab?

The Professional and Linguistic Assessment Board (PLAB) test is the main route by which International Medical Graduates (IMGs) demonstrate that they have the necessary skills and knowledge to practise medicine in the UK.

At Aspire, we not only focus on enhancing one’s clinical acumen but also interpersonal skills which are an absolute necessity to pass the PLAB & also come handy while working in the NHS.

A ‘One Stop PLAB 2 Coaching’ for sure success.

Plab 2 Live [4 weeks]

Plab 2 [Face 2 Face]

Plab 2 Communication Skill

Plab 2 Recorded Course

Plab 2 Audiobook

Personalised Session

In-Person Plab 2 Course UK

Online Plab 2 Course

Overseas Plab 2 Course

CPD Events & Webinars

Upcoming CPD Webinars

The detail

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Our Team


Dr. Ankur Garg Graduated from INDIA And completed his Post Graduation in Internal Medicine from the University of Buckingham in the UK. He is passionate about medical education andtakes pride in teaching Medicine. He is also a Certified BLS Instructor from the UK.


Dr. Nikhilesh Rao Graduated from INDIA and completed his Post Graduation in Internal Medicine from the University of Buckingham in the UK. Currently,he is working in the NHS and thus adept in current UK medical practices. He has experience in teaching various scenarios in PLAB.

Our Partners

Five Star Reviews - Here’s what our candidates say about their experience…

Fatemeh Ahmadabadi
Fatemeh Ahmadabadi
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Today, With grace of almighty, I received my 'PASS' results in plab 2 Here, I want to thank Aspire team. They put all their effort to help in taking the steps up to the end of the road. Thanks doctor Ankur, doctor Nikhil, doctor Asad and others in the team. Please keep up your great job..
Nancy Stephen
Nancy Stephen
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Hello guys, Got my results for PLAB 2 today and i passed! Special thanks to Dr. Ankur Garg and Dr. Ali Benarose for guiding and helping us in every step of the way. I would also like to thank all my friends of batch zeta for practising with me and encouraging me. It would have not been possible without you guys! And for all my friends still waiting to take the exam, trust your gut feeling and do your best on the day of the exam. You'll ace it too! Stay safe.
Muzna Asrar Siddiqi Qazi
Muzna Asrar Siddiqi Qazi
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Thanks to Dr. Nikhil, Dr. Asad, Dr. Ali, Mr. Nani, and other valuable aspire team mates, i attended the course of Eta a on 6th Sept 2019 till 17th Sept 2019 and my plab 2was on 27th Sept 2019. I passed! Their conceptual training helped me pass and i highly recommend attending their courses and also watching their online videos. The entire team is helpful and very cooperative! Keep rocking team aspire!!!