We are pleased to announce CLINICAL ASSESSMENT Course. This Course is designed to help Doctors who have fulfilled the Eligibility Criteria and have been accepted intothe FOUNDATION PROGRAMME,to pass the Assessment by proving they possess theskills and knowledge needed to start work as an F1 Doctor.

The Course will be conducted over 4 Days.

Course Content:

History & Counselling:
  • Long History Taking – Taking athorough, detailed history of what is troubling the patient and identifying the risk factors.
  • Focused History Taking – Taking aconcise history
  • Psychiatry History – Taking ahistory in difficult patients by acquiring aclear account of their situation and responding appropriately.

Communication Skills: This includes conversations with patients and colleagues. For Example, Breaking bad news to patients.

Mannequins: Venepuncture, IV Cannulations, Catheterisation.

Examinations: CVS, Respiratory, GIT, Upper & Lower Neurological Etc.


  • ECG Recording and Interpretation
  • Handover
  • Prescription
  • ABG Interpretation
Dates: 3, 4, 17, 18 October 2020

Price: £300 Per Person (Inclusive Of 1 Mock).

For further queries, please contact us at:

It is advisable to do the PLAB 2 Course before attending this Course as Stations covered in PLAB 2 Course will not be covered in the Clinical Assessment Course.